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Welcome to the new Scrip 100 for 2016

This year we have an expansive data set that uses company information from more than 400 corporations to form a complete picture of the pharmaceutical universe that we work in, sell to, and compete within.

To add a deeper level of insight and perspective we have expanded our international reach of journalists and analysts to include experts from our newly extended family of publications, including "The Pink Sheet", PharmAsia News, BioMedTracker, Citeline, and "The Gold Sheet".

The Scrip 100 has always looked and learnt from the past in order to ask questions about the future. This edition is no exception. In the world of the post-Pfizer mega-merger, we ask if M&A pressure will mount for others in the industry. We ponder what the investor's path should be in 2016, the possible implications of the US pricing pushback, and what the Washington upheavals next year may mean for those in the biopharmaceutical industry.

We look to the drug development pipeline to see if the long road ahead for those suffering from Alzheimer's disease, asthma or allergies is looking any brighter. We consider the future for the industry's aging manufacturing facilities, and the possibility of the EU states solving the affordability crisis by working together. And of course we ask what the pharmaceutical industry and regulators are doing to include the patients' views along the way.

The Scrip 100 aims to provoke thoughts and start conversations because, as every journalist knows, sometimes it is not about having all the answers, but asking the right questions.

I hope you enjoy this latest edition of Scrip 100, and find it useful when making your 2016 decisions.

Jo Shorthouse, Editor.


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